Therapy can help bring clarity out of confusion; order out of chaos; serenity out of disruption. It can help the healing of wounds and serve to bring solutions out of problems. Therapy is about the human journey to sort out various options and choices that we have. It can lend a hand to eliminate what is not useful in our lives. It can elicit our ability to re-shape problematic experiences by turning them into productive learnings. It is about strengthening and expanding our ability to engage in life. As we give ourselves space and learn more about the many dimensions of our strengths, we discover deeper satisfaction in self and in others.

In therapy we can add to our ability to form healthy relationships. It can improve our coping with anxiety, depression, trauma, and many other toxic experiences. We can turn negative energy around and taste new dimensions in living each day.

I join with people as they forge more deeply and courageously into their inner selves where they can recognize their true voice of wisdom, their character, their strengths, and the courage in their hearts. They can observe themselves standing tall and making a difference in life. They have impact; they have values; they take more control of their destiny. They have more resolve, more purpose; more intentionality, more due diligence to get something done. I see couples, individuals and families. We have great conversations that are peaceful, attentive, and productive.

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2016: Expecting & Discovering that which is Mysterious and Fascinating
“Some people see things as they are and say why. Others see things as they can be and say why not!”
George Bernard Shaw and Robert Kennedy: Wikipedia

In therapy as I interact with clients; together we discover a hope to overcome adversity; we both do what therapy is about: we are involved in revealing expectancy that is alluring!

As we live through the winter of 2016, this can be a good time to spell out our hopes and dreams for this promising year. The possibility of life getting better for us is on the horizon. Yes life will present challenges, however we can use our initiative to be up to something big!
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