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Couples Therapy: How It Can Work—14 ways!!

Couples Therapy: How It Can Work—14 ways!!
(at the end of the list) please offer your opinions by emailing me at rankinicloud@me.com. Thank you.
COUPLES Therapy can work by …..
1. Slowing down and taking time for the relationship.
2. Finding a safe, confidential place to speak.
3. Voicing each one’s concerns about the relationship.
4. Being Curious about one another’s thinking; feelings; behaviors; dreams; desires; and longings.
5. Talking about what is blocking the love/or the positive energy from coming through to one another.
6. Getting a better understanding of one another: coming to some new positive perceptions of self and the other.
7. Learning that In the communication a sense of compassion can grow deeper.
8. Realizing that Openness and empathy can emerge—creating a deeper connection.
9. Noticing that the bond can grow stronger.
10. Observing that they can become more resilient to life’s difficulties.
11. Discovering more security in the relationship; having one another’s back.
12. Establishing more common ground and growing in appreciation of one another and being less lonely.
13. Seeing that renewal can take place.
14. Sensing that Healing and fulfillment is occurring.
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