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Welcome! The information below may help you know one of the ways I do counseling, It can and often does involved Hypnosis.

“Hypnosis started when the first mother kissed it and made it better.” 

To make things better, I facilitate an hypnotic trance with clients who suffer from trauma, anxiety, and depression. I also facilitate hypnosis with those stressed in their couple’s relationship, dealing with family matters, and individual issues around any number of life’s difficulties. Hypnosis can lead us to a state of well-being!

It is not stage hypnosis. Instead it is a profound encounter with the flow of life within that can strengthen us to deal with life’s daily challenges. It opens space to breathe more deeply and take in more of the wonders of living.

In an hypnotic trance one can get in touch more deeply with self and discover new life giving dimensions. One can find deeper validation. We can go down into the well of our very being and drink of the deepest energy that flows within our hearts. We can become more grounded in ourselves. We can become more congruent with what we want and find ourselves more authentic and passionate about being more comfortable in one’s skin and thriving.

Recently I went into an hypnotic trance and discovered that some lady I knew over 35 years ago was still in my support system. I knew her to be a wonderful teacher, a caring person, and someone who loved life. She died many years ago, yet I saw her image in my trance and suddenly realized that she has been a guardian angel to me ever since she died. Generally hypnosis is a different experience for each individual depending on what one needs, or wants to find, or where our unconscious takes us in surprising ways.

In a quiet and subtle way It may nudge us to be in touch with our grit and our gumption, leading us down useful pathways that we may have otherwise missed. It can slow us down to catch our breath and say hello again to our very selves and reach out to renewed energy and care for others. For some it can open space for new and different ways finding new pleasures in life.

While hypnosis is not a cure all, it is evidence based and has helped many people’s lives to be much better and more meaningful. Why not give me a call for an appointment and see whether it can help you and your partner, your family, or you as an individual? It would be nice to hear from you

*Quote from F. Bauman personal communication, September 21, 1996

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