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Drug And Alcohol Issues

Sister Clarita once said ‘that the problem with life is that it is daily’.

Our ongoing daily life often has its mundane dynamics of chores, making a living, and paying bills along with so many other responsibilities that are not all that exciting or energizing. So we often long for escapes to lift us out of our ordinariness. Many times in this fast paced world we can resort to drugs and alcohol that promise to take us somewhere to alter our mood. We can be tempted to take this path because it looks so inviting and offers us so many benefits. It seemingly helps us get away from the stressors of daily living. So why not drink? It lifts our spirits. It changes our mood. We like the taste.
Alcohol can be one of a thousand pleasures in life. It can also be very dangerous. It can become habitual, abused, and can eventually lead to many negative consequences. The danger is that a person can drink oneself into the disease of alcoholism. It can be very demonic, damaging not only individuals, but polarizing couples and family members: robbing the community of its contributing members.
Some people find that controlled drinking can be a way to moderate drinking. It may be equally important to find other ways to overcome the mundane ways we deal with life. For some continued use of alcohol has been very costly and may even be a risk to one’s life. There are several different ways to deal with the stress and the sense of alienation that we experience in our culture.
It is important for us to examine our belief systems from time to time and see what we can do to nurture, support, and shore up what we really believe to be the good, the true, and the beautiful in our lives.
We just may uncover that there is so much inside of us and outside of us that makes life worth living. The journey inside can help us explore
the world outside of us and the conversely the outside can help us adventure into the space inside where we can find our soul, our spirit, our resources, our integrity, and our true aspirations.
Perhaps we can live a much more authentic life; a happier life; a more satisfying life: life that has more meaning and more energy. We can definitely alter our mood in many satisfying ways without abusing alcohol or drugs.
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