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Family Life Can Be Better With Family Therapy

Located in Louisville, KY, Mike Rankin, LMFT provides In-person and online appointments throughout Kentucky

Family life can be seen as an adventurous journey that involves being part of a caring system in which there is give and take in meeting one another’s needs. It can help all members by mutually supporting one another in dealing with life’s difficulties. These issues can come in all shapes and sizes whether it be from a job, from school, difficulty in some relationships, financial difficulties, or any number of other adversities. As we face the various challenges of life, family can help us find the necessary exceptional resources to face life’s difficulties. We generally strive in our families to have one another’s back.

Even the best of families can get off track, lose their way, and need some help. Therapy can lead us to new options paving the way for us to make exceptional choices in living with and supporting one another. Family therapy can give us the space to find our strengths and the new energy to put our dreams into effect. It can help us sort out values, what we really really want and deepen our awareness of the resources in our own family. This experience can bring forth a new birth, a new vision, and new commitment to live for something and some others bigger than ourselves. We can come to make those changes we find important.

Albert Einstein once said—“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Therapy promotes the use of imagination, so that something new can be said and fill the air with hope, fresh dreams, bringing the family to various solutions and more energy to want to get the job of family done.

One author (1) says that family therapy is “targeted at expanding each family member’s construction of him or herself, expanding the other family members vision of self and their relationships.These new constructions of self and others allow for more possibilities for thinking, feeling, and doing.” What an adventure this can be—like discovering gold in the heart and soul of your exceptional family.

(1) Roffman, A. LCSW ‘Family Therapy as Hypnotic Conversation’ Therapeutic Hypnosis with Children and Adolescents, 2nd ed. Sugarman, L., MD, 2014, Crown House Publishing, CT, 330.

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