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Mike Rankin’s Approach to Therapy!

I love working with people, helping them heal. Together my clients and I bring out the best in one another and that creates healing. I like my clients to feel safe and not critically judged in our sessions. I want to hear what my client seek in counseling. Once we have a mutual understanding about what my client wants, we can then go to work to set a goal or two. Then we begin to put the goal in motion.

Couples can find themselves stuck in a difficult position with one another. We work together to pull them out of a hole of suffering to find a secure place where they can discover their own healing power. They can re-establish their balance and healthy life together and resolve their issues. They can have a secure relationship.

Family members may find themselves at odds with one another. We work with one another to find common ground and get members’ needs met. They may have lost that deep supportive attachment that family members long to restore. The power of family reconciliation is possible and can bring much joy to all members. Family members can generate a splendid mutual understanding and greater respect for one another.

Individuals bring many different stories to counseling for healing conversations. Each person hopes to find ways to release that which traps them and leads to dysfunctional patterns of communication and behaviors. These stories whether it be of depression, anxiety, use of drugs and abuse of alcohol, relationship stress, trauma, lack of significance or meaning in their lives can strait jacket any of us from making a break through to a better life. In therapy we find new ways to break loose from such demons.

I want clients in the very first session to feel accepted. We can look at their suffering and see what we can learn from it and what message it has—for my client and me, the therapist. I long for my clients to feel a sense of compassion and a sense of being understood. I want clients to have a renewed sense of energy and hope, believing that they can make their life brighter. I aspire in my sessions that clients feel the healing energy already taking place.

Everyday I am swimming in curative and powerful spring waters, producing the energy that my clients and I need. That energy enables us to begin the process of unlocking healing agents. These special resources are the resiliencies we need to weather the suffering of life and the joy of living and keeping these experiences in balance.This is a terrific balancing act. Yet it is very possible, as we utilize our daily resources of being awake and aware of the wonders of daily experiences. Life an be renewing and refreshing.

I have committed my life to serving my clients helping them heal, to find fulfillment, and feel the deep appreciation of their own unique stories and resources for a better life. I research my practice to make sure I am effective in my desire to serve my clients. My clients and I work together to live in the solution and not in the problem, bringing out the best in one another.

Couples Therapy: How It Can Work—14 ways!!
COUPLES Therapy can work by ….. 1. Slowing down and taking time for the relationship. 2. Finding a safe, confidential place to speak. 3. Voicing each one’s concerns about the relationship.

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